2019 Citizen of the Year: Cathy Ostuw

Cathy is an  individual who makes such a difference in the lives of so many in a community and embodies the virtues that are fundamental to our common life: compassion, generosity, service, inclusion, and hope. Indeed, the work that Cathy has done and continues to do has changed life for the better for countless individuals in very specific ways and for the wider community in ways that cannot be fully known or measured.

The list of non-profit organizations that Cathy has run, worked in, or served on the board of is quite extensive. Indeed, these organizations are the very life blood of our community. They help people in need. They equip individuals to further their skills and training. They bring together private and public, business and government, individuals and organizations to collaborate for the strengthening of all. Fairfield County Community Foundation, United Way, Building One Community, Person to Person, Domus and many other organizations have benefited greatly from the skills, energy, and expertise that Cathy brings to her work.

Indeed, the skill, energy, and expertise that Cathy possesses is critical to understanding her value to organizations and our community. It is not enough that Cathy serves and has served in a number of organizations. She certainly is one of the most involved and committed individuals when she serves. Her list of leadership roles on boards and in organizations–e.g. Executive Director, President, Treasurer, etc.-­ underscores her value and the degree to which she is involved. Cathy is the type of person that you want to work with. Her knowledge of the nonprofit world in Stamford, the needs of the community, best practices for organizations to run well and remain accountable, and her skill in collaborating with others to achieve the mission of the organization is, simply put, amazing.