2009 Scholarship Recipients

Daniel Berman

Westhill High School

Not content with “merely” being an outstanding scholar, Daniel Berman decided at an early age that community service and philanthropy would become an ongoing and integral part of his life.

At the tender age of seven, he joined a group of volunteers from his temple to serve soup on a monthly basis at the Yerwood Center Soup Kitchen. Now, 10 years later, he is still at the soup kitchen – purchasing salad ingredients and assisting in its preparation, among his many diverse tasks there. Also, as a member of the Westhill High School National Honor Society, he organized other students to volunteer at the Yerwood Center. Further, for the past five years, Daniel has contributed literally hundreds of hours of volunteer time to UNICEF in a variety of duties with ever-increasing responsibility. And, by the way, during his high school career he has maintained an unbelievable 4.0 GPA.

Kimberly Chacra

Stamford High School

“Highly motivated,” “dedicated,” “a true team player,” — these are just a few of the descriptive phrases used by faculty advisors and peers assessing Kim Chacra’s outstanding performance in the area of community service. As a long-time member of the Stamford High School chapter of Building with Books, Kim has worked tirelessly not only on community projects organized by the club, but also on projects of her own finding. On average, she spends more than eight hours a week on these projects, along with carrying a heavy load of honors classes and maintaining an outstanding GPA.

Kim Chacra is founder and president of the Cancer Awareness Club at Stamford High School, organizing fund raisers such as bake sales and cancer pin sales, while running weekly meetings and actually teaching about different forms of cancer each month. She also has volunteered at Brighton Gardens, the local food bank, and St. Luke’s Lifeworks. It is with pleasure that the Selection Committee selected Kim as one of its Scholarship recipients.

Kasey Glass

–– High School

In 9th grade, Kasey Glass, along with her best friend, co-founded the Happy Club for Teens, a group coming from multiethnic and diverse socioeconomic backgrounds, all with the intention of helping others and of finding ways to make people happy. Since 2006, the Happy Club members have put in more than 2,000 hours of service to the community, have collected better than 4,000 pounds of food for the Food Bank of Lower Fairfield County and raised more than $1,500 for Kids in Crisis, to name just a few of their many accomplishments.

The Happy Club has been prominently featured in local media such as the Stamford Advocate, the Greenwich Time and El Sol, while performing such diverse projects as donating and serving hot lunches to recovering addicts at St. Luke’s Lifeworks, organizing bake sales to benefit Stamford Animal Care, and sponsoring and planting a memorial garden at Fort Stamford to honor fallen Veterans of the Iraq War.

Last summer, Kasey was awarded the Bank of America Leadership Award, which included an eight-week internship at the Boys & Girls Club of Stamford and attendance at a Leadership Summit in Washington, D.C. With pleasure and pride, the Committee selects Kasey Glass as a Scholarship Recipient.

Ethan Hammerman

Westhill High School

Stop the presses – here comes Ethan! This budding journalistic superstar has achieved success in four years with the award-winning Westhill High School newspaper, The Westword, for which he is currently the managing editor. But, in addition to his passion for journalism, Ethan has demonstrated a strong interest in community service. This has been shown by his active involvement as a coordinating board member of the Interact Club, which performs numerous service programs both within the school and in the local community, including blood drives, park clean-ups, and food drives.

Elize Huang

Stamford High School

The thing that immediately strikes you about Elize Huang is that “halfway measures” hold no appeal for her. When she sets a goal, she follows through from beginning to end. This is certainly true in the classroom where Elize has achieved the rank of “#1” not only in her class at Stamford High School, but also in our area of concern – community service.

As president of Building with Books, a group she first joined in her freshman year, Elize is directly responsible for planning, organizing and supervising countless programs and events. Also, through her enthusiastic approach, she motivates other students to join and participate in community programs.

Elize Huang has contributed time and effort to many community groups including Meals on Wheels, St. Luke’s Lifeworks, Stamford Museum & Nature Center, and the Salvation Army. Yet, amazingly, she has found time to participate in the marching band and to be on the track team. The Selection Committee is pleased and proud to name Elize Huang as a Scholarship Recipient.

Samantha Stone

–– High School

Where do you begin to describe Samantha Stone’s myriad accomplishments in the area of community service? It started in eighth grade when, through her participation in the Friendship Circle, she was introduced to an autistic teenager for a one-on-one relationship that exists to this day. This taste of helping others led Sami to a major decision in her “young” life. Along with her best friend, she co-founded and is co-president of a remarkable group which they named “The Happy Club for Teens”. The club, which performs a never-ending variety of community service projects, is comprised of teens coming from a broad range of ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds.