2023 Scholarship Recipients

Nicole Corpolongo

Westhill High School

Since her freshman year at Westhill, Nicole has given freely of her time to the American Red Cross, in ever-increasing levels of responsibility. She started out by working at blood drives. By her junior year she was chair of the HIV/AIDS Committee; a diligent group which educates students about HIV/AIDS awareness. She also planned and personally organized a large HIV/AIDS Awareness Day at her school and raised funds to support HIV/AIDS education by selling red and white carnations at the school.

Nicole continues to be an active member of the American Red Cross Youth Corps and is currently serving as its President. In this capacity, she has many responsibilities, such as the planning of bi-monthly meetings for the 40 plus members, organizing Red Cross training sessions, developing leadership activities, and recruiting diversified speakers for meetings. Nicole also has planned numerous fundraisers, most recently one that raised money for the victims of Hurricane Charley.

Nicole has also been an active participant in Junior Achievement, the mentoring program for Special Education students, and a four-year member of the Varsity Swim Team. An Honor Roll member during her entire school career, she has been listed in the Who’s Who Among American High School Students.

Andrew Pramberger

Stamford High School

The thing that immediately strikes you about Andrew Pramberger is that “halfway measures” hold no appeal for him.

When he sets a goal, he follows through from beginning to end. This is certainly true in the classroom where Andrew has achieved the rank of Number One in his class at Stamford H.S., but also in our area of concern – Community Service. Not content with merely working on individual community projects through the Big Brother Big Sister program and the Interact Club, he volunteered to assume management responsibility.

As president of the Interact Club, the largest community service group in the school, he is directly responsible for the implementation and successful completion of all club projects, including volunteer events such as Special Olympics, Regional Games, Salvation Army Fundraising and environmental days. With a membership in excess of 300 students, this is no small task. But that’s not all! Amazingly Andrew has found time to volunteer over 400 hours over the past six years at the Stamford Museum & Nature Center, as well as putting in four semesters assisting with the Summer Reading Program at the Ferguson Library.

The academic honors Andrew has garnered are staggering, both in their quantity and in their quality. Among others, they included the Harvard University Book Club Award, the Bausch and Lomb Honorary Science Award, the U.S. Achievement Academy National Math Award, and High Honors in the U.S. National Chemistry Olympiad.

Jacob Jake Stone

Westhill High School

A student with vision, imagination, determination and the perseverance to see goals through to fruition, that’s Jake Stone.

Having spent many Memorial Day weekends placing American flags on the graves of veterans, Jake decided to develop a permanent data base of all Jewish veterans buried in the Stamford area. With the assistance of Boy Scout Troop 15, as well as adult volunteers from the Jewish War Veterans Post and the Jewish Historical Society, Jake organized a comprehensive research program, covering six local cemeteries.

When his team had concluded its painstaking work, they had the input with which they then developed the data base which lists all of the pertinent information for over 275 veterans; their branch and dates of service, as well as their place of interment. Acclaimed by veterans’ groups, the historical society, Connecticut’s governor and Stamford’s mayor, Jake’s community project will preserve, in perpetuity, the memory of these treasured veterans.

A well-rounded young man, Jake is Editor-in-Chief of “Westword Online”, the school newspaper, and Co-Captain of the Westhill Debating Team. He is also an Eagle Scout and has served an internship with the City of Stamford’s Information Technology Department.

Kelly Walters

Westhill High School

Kelly Walters has certainly been a busy young lady these past three years.

She has been devoting over 12 hours a week to two programs created by Mayor Malloy; SEED (Students Empowered against Educational Disparity) and MYLC (Mayor’s Youth Leadership Council) one designed to reduce the achievement gap in the Stamford Schools, and the other, a diversified group of high school students seeking to bridge the age gap by working with adults to solve community and youth problems, and to provide leadership opportunities for youth by demonstrating that young people are assets to the community.

While in SEED, Kelly organized a symposium of high school students to come together and share their opinions on the achievement gap. The information gathered was highly regarded and was summarized and presented to the citywide commission. Additionally, SEED gave Kelly the opportunity to work as a second-grade literacy tutor at the Yerwood Center.

With MYLC, Kelly was a Survey Coordinator. She set up a survey and compiled results on how students and teachers felt about safety in the high schools.

A Senior at Westhill High School where she carries a solid 3.35 GPA, Kelly has earned four letters on the Track Team, has utilized her musical talents as a Clarinet Section Leader in the Marching & Concert Bands, and as a Saxophonist in the Jazz Band. Additionally, she has served on “Westword” the school newspaper and is a two-year member of the National Honor Society.