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Nominations Being Accepted for the 2013 City of Stamford Citizen of the Year

STAMFORD, CT — September 9, 2013. Mayor Michael Pavia announced today that nominations are now being accepted for the 2013 City of Stamford Citizen of the Year.

“This award – Stamford’s Citizen of the Year or COTY – is one of our City’s most coveted community service / volunteer recognition efforts and acknowledges an ordinary citizen who has been an extraordinary member of the Stamford community,” the Mayor said.

Pavia also announced today the members of the 2013 Selection Committee. The seven members, six of whom are past COTY recipients, include: Bobby Valentine-2010; Arthur Selkowitz-2011; Jami Sherwood-2012; Kurt Zimbler, commander, JWV Post 142; and at-large members Herb Kohn-1967, Pobie Johnston-1978 and Christel Truglia-1982.

“As a past recipient of this award, such recognition from the community was humbling and rewarding, and I’m looking forward to chairing this year’s selection committee,” said Valentine. “The criteria the committee will use to select the 2013 Citizen of the Year have been in place since 1945 when it was established by Mayor Webster Givens and Fred Robbins.”

That criteria is based on four key qualities that all previous recipients have met. He or she should:

Demonstrate a belief in interfaith harmony
Possess the highest standards of responsibility in civic life
Help in the promotion of projects for the public welfare
Personally has worked with distinction to benefit Stamford on a community-wide basis

“I encourage all of us to take some time to stop and see those fellow citizens who exemplify these qualities and have made a difference in our lives, in our community,” Pavia said. “When you know an ordinary citizen who has been doing amazing things in Stamford, take the time to nominate them. These special men and women are the individuals who consistently contribute to making Stamford the unique community that it has become.”

Nominations must be received by Friday, December 6, 2013, and include a bullet point summary of the nominee’s background supporting the criteria listed above. Nominations should be emailed to StamfordCitizen@aol.com or sent to: Nominations Committee, 2013 Stamford Citizen of the Year, 22 First Street, Stamford, CT 06905.

About the Citizen of the Year Award: In the early 1940s, Fred Robbins, a veteran who had served in both World War I and II, settled in Stamford in, became involved in our community affairs and worked with then Mayor Webster Givens to establish a Citizen of the Year (COTY) award. COTY has been awarded since 1945 when Mayor Givens appointed Post 142 of the Jewish War Veterans of the United States be the sponsoring organization. Post 142 has sponsored the award on behalf of the City for 67 years, and over this time, has honored 68 men and women who have served our community.

Past City of Stamford Citizens of the Year:
1945 Father John Kelley 1979 Edith Sherman
1946 C. Russell Waterbury 1980 Fred T. Allen
1947 C. Russell Waterbury 1981 Wayne L. Tyson
1948 Rev. Lloyd F. Worley 1982 Christel Truglia
1949 Walter H. Wheeler, Jr. 1983 Julius M. Wilensky
1950 Benjamin Bogin 1984 Joseph F. Fahey
1951 Sarah F. Smith 1985 Frank D. Rich, Jr.
1952 Norris E. Pierson 1986 S. Beatrice Foreman
1953 Gibbs Lyons 1987 Norman T. Woodbury
1954 Jean Ware Hoyt 1988 Norman T. Woodbury
1955 Harold E. Rider 1989 Jane F. Norgren
1956 Pat Marshall 1989 John T. D. Rich
1957 Harry Rosenbaum 1990 Elizabeth P. Rich
1958 Joseph E. Morrow 1991 Lynne R. Laitman
1959 Rev. Donald F. Campbell 1992 Charles A Guinta
1960 J. Walter Kennedy 1993 Charles C. Judd
1961 Walter Thayer 1994 Jane M. Judd
1962 Thomas C. Mayers 1995 John A. Ball
1963 T. Carter Dodd 1996 Michael J. Cacace
1964 Rev. Russell McGown 1997 George B. Harvey
1965 Doris Kirshbaum 1998 Adele Gordon
1966 John F. Cameron 1999 Polly O’Brien
1967 Herbert B. Kohn 2000 Len Miller
1968 Dr. Peter Goldmark 2001 Sam Cingari
1969 Thomas J. Feeney 2002 Rev. Winton M. Hill III
1970 Rev. Cyrill S. Peters 2003 Marc Lyons, Jr.
1971 Dr. Angelo Mastrangelo 2004 Rick Robustelli
1972 John O. Nicklis 2005 Sandy Goldstein
1973 Charles A. Ukkerd 2006 Al Sanseverino
1974 Alphonsus J. Donahue, Jr. 2007 June Rosenthal
1975 Louis Lotstein 2008 Richard E. Taber
1976 Lillian Moran 2009 Juanita T. James
1977 Tony P. Pia 2010 Bobby Valentine
1978 Pobie Johnston 2011 Arthur Selkowitz
2012 Jami Sherwood