Michael Hoherchak – Scholarship Recipient

Michael Hoherchak’s commitment to community service goes beyond participation to include an inspiring leadership component.

Ten years ago, at the age of nine, Michael helped create the Stamford Explorers, a 4-H Club community service club that performs monthly outreach activities. Today he is president of the club and has led efforts ranging from beautification projects to tag sales for Kids in Crisis to visiting to senior citizens at their homes for monthly arts and crafts projects. As vice president of his senior class, Michael’s leadership as a liaison with school administration has been effective in creating a positive school climate. He is also the school’s vice president of production for its Junior Achievement Company.

Volunteering with the Stamford Mentoring Program, Michael has worked one-on-one with a middle school student in need of academic and social support, meeting weekly to help set goals, review academic and social learning barriers, and encourage extracurricular involvement. Through the National Honors Society for which he is its treasurer, he has organized and participated in Homework Center, a program where members of the Society help students with homework and projects.

Michael’s leadership has also surface in the fundraising arena. Working with St. Baldrick’s Foundation, a group that raises money to help fund childhood cancer research, Michael and his lacrosse team shaved their heads and raised nearly $14,000. He also has participated for the past three years in the lacrosse tournament called Sticks for Soldiers, whose focus is to raise money for wounded war veterans in need while showing high school students what young men and women not much older themselves have sacrificed for their country.

The Selection Committee is honored to select Michael Hoherchak as a scholarship recipient.