Leon Jaiven

Leon Jaiven entered the Army Medical Corps at the very start of WWII and served with distinction as a hospital administrator more than four years. Upon his release from active duty, he remained in the Reserve, attending monthly drills and annual summer mobilizations. He served a total of 25 years and was discharged with the rank of Major.

The best way to describe Leon’s impact on the Stamford community is as a “living legend.”  In his 59 years as the game announcer for Stamford High football and his 30-plus years as a teacher and administrator in the Stamford school system, he has directly affected the lives of literally thousands of individuals during their adolescent years and brings back fond memories of their school years.  Leon also served the City of Stamford for many years as Director of Civil Defense.

Leon Jaiven is a longtime member and former commander of Post 142 and currently serves as judge advocate.  He spent many years participating in the local Boy Scouts program.  We proudly place his name before the community as an Honored Veteran.