Kimberly Chacra

“Highly motivated,” “dedicated,” “a true team player,” — these are just a few of the descriptive phrases used by faculty advisors and peers assessing Kim Chacra’s outstanding performance in the area of community service. As a long-time member of the Stamford High School chapter of Building with Books, Kim has worked tirelessly not only on community projects organized by the club, but also on projects of her own finding. On average, she spends more than eight hours a week on these projects, along with carrying a heavy load of honors classes and maintaining an outstanding GPA.

Kim Chacra is founder and president of the Cancer Awareness Club at Stamford High School, organizing fund raisers such as bake sales and cancer pin sales, while running weekly meetings and actually teaching about different forms of cancer each month. She also has volunteered at Brighton Gardens, the local food bank, and St. Luke’s Lifeworks. It is with pleasure that the Selection Committee selected Kim as one of its Scholarship recipients.