Jenna Plotzky – Scholarship Recipient

Jenna Plotzky has demonstrated her commitment to our community in so many ways and at so many places, from the Westhill campus to her synagogueigh School a and a lot of Stamford in between.

Intuitive and able to recognize needs, Jenna created the club Hearts Take Chances in reaction to the Sandy Hook elementary school tragedy and recent suicides at Westhill. Hearts Take Chances helps fellow students remember, commemorate, engage and appreciate that each day is a gift. The club actively works with school leadership to create a more positive environment, including posting inspirational quotes in hallways. Described as “a random acts-of-kindness society,” one of its projects was hosting a National Smile Day event, while another was to make sure one day last year that every junior (about 500) received a nutritious snack before taking state exams.

Jenna was instrumental in establishing the Beth El Teens Youth Group, which provides programming for 8th to 12th graders. Her work at Temple Beth El has highlighted her gift for working with young children as a teaching assistant, gaining their respect by showing them respect. She also serves as a Board Member of Speak Up for Israel, a program of the Stamford Jewish Community Center and the United Jewish Federation, and is an active member of the Kuriansky Teen Tzedakah Corps and the Jewish Student Connection.

In addition, Jenna is president of Westhill’s Junior Achievement, of its Future Business Leaders of America chapter and of its Alliance for Cancer Education and Prevention. She is Captain of the WHS Math Team, a member of the National Honors Society, the Spanish National Honor Society, Activity and Publicity Coordinator for Environment Heroes and is an Ambassador Girl Scout.

The Selection Committee is proud to select Jenna Plotzky as a scholarship recipient.