2005 Sandy Goldstein


Sandy Goldstein won the Stamford Citizen award for her tireless dedication to helping others in the Stamford Community. Sandy was on the Stamford Board of representatives for twenty years. She was also was a part of Stamford’s chamber of commerce, Stamford’ partnership, Stamford’s center of the arts, Mill River collaborative. Sandy was also a Chairperson of Keep Stamford Beautiful, a Vice chair of the international Downtown Association, Vice Chair of International Downtown Association and Stamford Downtown Special Services district.


Sandy Goldstein has lived in Stamford for over three decades. She has won many awards including Ferguson Library’s Lillian Moran Community service award, Hannah C. Solomon Community Award and Pink Tent Distinguished Service Award.


Commemorative Dinner Journal.


“You are a shining example of the difference one committed individual can make in her community, a true inspiration for the next generation of leaders in Stamford,” – Joseph I. Lieberman in a letter to Sandy Goldstein congratulating her on her accomplishment.”