1989 Jane F. Norgren


Jane F. Norgren was named Stamford Citizen of the Year in 1989 because of her dedication at the Child Care Center and her efforts in the community. She was the executive director of the Child Care Center from 1985-2006. She was also the administrator for the Stamford Head Start Program. The former serves 175 children while the Stamford Day Care Program takes care of 282 children. Mrs. Norgren has been active the Stamford Drug and alcohol Abuse Council, the North Stamford Congregational Church, the Council of Churches and Synagogues, Guardianship Advocacy for Retarded People, the Stamford Rotary Club, the United Way of Stamford, the South Fairfield Association for the Education of Young Children, meals on Wheels, the Democratic Connecticut State Central Committee, the Urban Education Coalition and the Stamford Committee on Training and Employment.


Mrs. Norgren graduated from Harvard University. She is married and has three children. Mrs. Norgren is an adjunct professor at the University of Connecticut, Stamford campus.


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“She was one of the people who make a difference in this city. We’re so fortunate to have so many brilliant people in this city,” said Frank D. Rich, Jr., chairman of the 1989 Citizen of the Year Selection Committee of the Stamford Jewish War Veterans.