1961 Walter Thayer


Walter Thayer was an involved community leader pledged to make Stamford a better place to live and work. He served as the general campaign chairman of the Stamford United Fund, was a member the board of directors of The Stamford Hospital and was a director of the Stamford chapter of the Multiple Sclerosis Society. Mr. Thayer was also the campaign chairman of the Connecticut Institute for the blind and was a member of the governing board of the Ferguson Library, the YMCA, the Child Care Center of Stamford, the Southwestern Area Commerce and Industry Association and the Connecticut Development Corporation. He was honored as Stamford’s Citizen of the Year for his tireless commitment to the Stamford community.


Walter Thayer was Chairman and CEO of the Fidelity Trust Company, working eighteen-hour days for most of his career. He joined the company in 1937. He was a graduate of Pace College and the Graduate School of Banking at Rutgers University. A World War II veteran, he rose the rank of captain.


The Stamford Advocate, March 13, 1983.


Augustine Troy, Fidelity’s executive vice president and secretary called Mr. Thayer the “consummate banker”. T. Ward Cleary, a member of Fidelity’s Board of Directors said of Mr. Thayer: “He worked an 188-hour day for most of his business life. He was married to the bank.”