1945 Father John Kelley


Father Kelly served the community as both a spiritual leader and community leader who led the fight for remembering those who served our country. Father John Kelly was a spiritual counselor and pastor of Sacred Heart Church. He influenced many people. He served as director of the Stamford Catholic Welfare Bureau which helped needy people in the area. It was a great asset to the community before during and after WWII. He also advocated for a WWII monument dedicated to Stamford’s war casualties as a patriotic statement.


Father Kelly was ordained as a priest 1914. He liked to sing. He was honored on 25th anniversary of ordination at Boyle Stadium. Father Kelly was a Member of Fourth Degree, Knights of Columbus, and an honorary member of the Lions Club. He had three sisters.


The Advocate, September 24, 1966.


“Father Kelly’s influence for good extends well outside of his parish, as was proven by the many tributes to his work for the civic betterment of Stamford.” Editorial in The Advocate, September 24, 1966.